Job Opportunities After an MBBS Degree
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Job Opportunities After an MBBS Degree

Difficulties in procuring job opportunities after MBBS degree, strenuous work, work dissatisfaction or even change of interest in the course can make one to search for greener grasses. Lots of esteemed job opportunities with excellent pay are available now for those who would look for it, here are some of them listed especially for those awaiting it after completion of MBBS.

Competitive higher-education, strenuous job or lack of interest in a particular course will make individuals want to redirect their course of study and work, and look for other job opportunities. Getting a job after MBBS degree is harder these days, and if you are able to get one, the pay will not always be catchy. Change in arena of work after an MBBS degree is a huge decision to make because of the strenuous training undergone in the course and the educational expenses incurred. Even though a decision had been made by the person, familial support in this matter will be controversial in an Indian setting.  But individual satisfaction is primary to produce quality work that is applaudable.

Therefore, I would like to list further chances of practice after an MBBS degree. A large scope of employment opportunities is open with securing various other educational degrees. Shifting the profession can be done with further branches of studies.

The course most in demand now among the medical professionals after an MBBS degree or other medical courses is MBA in Hospital Management, also known as Hospital Administration. Both post graduate diploma and degree certifications are available for this course. Diploma is a one-year course and degree is two-years. Online and distant education is also possible in this field. This course enables one to hold positions such as Hospital Manager or Administrator.  The individual can also work as a consultant in both medical and administrative matters in healthcare related agencies as well. It has currently become an esteemed course in getting managerial posts in clinical or hospital setting. In India one of the top institutions with MBA in Hospital Management is Symbiosis, Pune.

For those who are interested in legal aspects, degree in Medical Law and Ethics will be ideal one. The course deals with the relationship of healthcare providers and the clients, the healthcare institution and the clients, and laws which safeguard the interests of the clients and the healthcare providers. With a degree in law, an MBBS holder will be most apt to work alongside with healthcare institutions and voluntary health agencies, catering legal services for them. It is a well-esteemed job, and a well paid one too, and institutions usually have a team of legal advice providers to look after their legal matters. A two-year course of LL.M or a one-year diploma course will get you this post. The National Law School India University (NLSIU) is an autonomous institution which provides top-class law education and training in India.

Master in Social Works (MSW)  is another branch which can be of interest to those with social work inclination. Like most master degrees in India, it is a two-year course, which will enable working with volu ntary health organizations, NGOs, and with welfare schemes. This is a fulfilling job which provides work satisfaction. The areas of specialization include education, health, environmental protection, women and child welfare, tribal welfare and so on. There are opportunities to work abroad and even start one’s own NGO. The pay scale is also favorable. Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai is ranked high in education in social works.

Medical Transcription as well-known nowadays, provides a lucrative job opportunity as a career, or to be taken as an extra source of income along with other jobs. There are a number of good MT training institutes all over India. One can get either onsite training of 1 year, which will give you basics in English language, medical subjects, course in typing, or extensive training for the course in particular. Opportunities are available to get online home training too. All that is needed is good comprehension in English language, listening skills, typing speed, and a computer and a headphone. Job opportunities are based on the accuracy with which you are able to produce the files. The pay is per lines typed, which will increase with the working experience.

Of course, there are many more opportunities out there waiting for individuals, all that is needed is patience to search for it and do the necessary to get the job. World is an open place, and globalization has made it a Village. So if you are waiting for a job opportunity after an MBBS degree, all one needs is to go out there and grab the awaiting opportunities.

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